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Earth View’s approach to technology is one of our greatest assets. From investing in high-tech components used in our heavy equipment to simply managing job sites from an iPad, EV prioritizes the use of cutting-edge technology to assist with daily activities. If there’s an opportunity to use new technology to better serve our customers, then we’re ready to take on the challenge.

Vista by Viewpoint
Trimble GPS
Heavy Equipment Technology
Vista by Viewpoint

EV utilizes Vista by Viewpoint, to manage all areas of the business. From the office to the field, this multifaceted cloud-based construction accounting suite is used throughout all phases of a project. For example, Superintendents can easily review AP invoices, request Purchase Orders, and complete daily reports in the field from the Viewpoint iPad application. This allows for real-time collaboration between the office and operations teams. Additionally, the software is used to capture labor time and production units, and helps facilitate safety training and weekly safety toolbox talks.

  • Cloud-Based and Accessible in the Field
  • Equipment & Fleet Management
  • Collaboration Between the Office & Field

Managing our fleet of equipment is always a priority. With crews working throughout the Southeast region, it’s important to know where our equipment is at all times. With HCSS GPS, we track and monitor the location, usage hours, preventative maintenance, and performance data on all equipment. This allows our logistics team to effectively relocate our resources where we need them the most.

  • Assists with Preventative Maintenance Schedule
  • Equipment Performance Data
  • Anti-Theft Technology for Protecting our Assets
  • Tracks Usage and Fuel Consumption

Earth View's move to cloud-based solutions eliminated the need for paper time cards. Exaktime allows EV's management team to create weekly schedules, send real-time updates to field personnel, and allows crews the ability to clock into their pre-assigned job. Not only does it simplify payroll, but ExakTime allows EV to track labor to keep projects moving forward.

  • Cloud-Based, Paperless Timecards
  • Easy Clock-In to Minimize Errors
  • Clear Communication with the Field
  • Track Labor Costs for Performance Data
Trimble GPS

EV machines are fully equipped with site positioning systems for machine grading and 3D technology. EarthView has invested in Trimble sitework technology, a site modeling program that leads to savings in material usage and manpower and improves accuracy from the ability to perform “as-built checks” or changes on the fly. Trimble technology allows EV to achieve millimeter accuracy with fewer passes and no manual staking, and 3D site models yield detailed progress and material movement reports.

  • Millimeter accuracy
  • Material usage savings
  • More detailed and up-to-date reports
Heavy Equipment Technology

Within Earth View's advanced equipment fleet is the Caterpillar NEXT Generation Excavator with built in CAT grade and slope technology. This machine was further upgraded to utilize a Trimble Total Station which ensures the highest level of accuracy on projects and provides images when satellites (GPS) are not available due to overhead obstruction. Many of EV's machines including CAT Dozers, Motor Graders, and Pavers are also GPS enabled. The integrated GPS receivers communicate with the base site station and can control blade or bucket movement.

  • Increased accuracy through GPS monitoring
  • Improved safety through imaging

Our Software

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Earth View is continuously researching to stay ahead of the curve and make sure we utilize the best equipment available. With that being said, we’re proud to own 2 out of the 5 American Auger DD-440T rigs in the state of Florida.

American Auger DD-440T Directional Drill
Rausch, RCA 4.0 Full HD Camera
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan Concrete Scanner
American Auger DD-440T Directional Drill

EV is one of four companies in the state of Florida to own and operate the American Auger DD-440T maxi-rig directional drill. With continued success in the trenchless technology sector, the company added a second 440 maxi-rig in 2020. This is the only track-mounted drill that offers the highest range of thrust/pullback power, a maximum of 440,000lbs, and is also Equipped with Quiet Pak technology to reduce noise.

  • Pipe Sizes Ranging from 6”- 60”
  • Capabilities of Horizontal Lengths Exceeding 7,000LF
  • Allows for Subaqueous Pipe Installation
  • Ability to Work in Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Rausch, RCA 4.0 Full HD Camera

When it comes to pipe inspections, Earth View is one of the only companies in the area to offer HD camera resolution. Ranging from 6” to 60”, the Rausch 4.0 is a high-powered crawler camera capable of producing beautiful snapshots and videos of underground utilities. Needless to say, we’re proud to use technology that produces high-quality results that our clients expect.

  • 1920x1080 resolution shows even the smallest pipe issues
  • 1,700 LF of mainline cable length gets the job done faster
  • Telescopic swivel arm allows for closer examination
  • Laser profiling capabilities
  • Lateral launch camera inspects branch lines without additional setup
PinPointR Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Without digging or drilling, Ground Penetrating Radar gives an accurate representation of the utilities, material properties, and objects the eye can’t see below the surface. Earth View uses the latest GPR system—PinPointR—to ensure accuracy and efficiency when locating.

  • Automatic utility report generation
  • Wireless data acquisition
  • Dual Channel Operation 400MHz and 800 MHz
Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan Concrete Scanner

Earth View utilizes the latest in Concrete Scanning to provide a non-destructive means of locating reinforcing bars and measuring their depth of concrete cover. This cordless system allows EV to scan in a variety of unique areas, including ceilings, to accurately and reliably locate rebar. Once detected the Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan can also estimate the diameter of the detected rebar. This service ensures our customers have located all utilities prior to starting construction.

  • Detection depth up to 16”
  • Quickscan detection and recording
  • Cordless, lightweight system
  • Locate and estimate rebar diameter
Allison Murrell, President

Women-led from the ground up

From humble beginnings locating utilities, EV has evolved into a leader in the trenchless technology industry.

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