Trenchless Construction

Earth View is a national leader in the trenchless construction industry. With a variety of methods and equipment, EV tailors our approach to your unique project needs.


When it comes to heavily congested and environmentally sensitive areas (such as rivers and ponds), Horizontal Directional Drilling is a more efficient pipe installation method versus traditional open-cut methods. With the best practices and equipment, HDD will produce the desired results with minimal impact to the environment.

EV is proud to be 1 of 4 companies in the state of Florida to own and operate not one but two American Auger DD-440T rigs.

Pipe Ramming

Pipe ramming is a trenchless technique, in which a steel pipe is rammed or pushed through the soil using a pneumatic percussion hammer. The force of the hammer drives the pipe through the soil and after completion, the pipe is cleaned using a Vacuum Truck.

Pipe ramming is suitable for all ground conditions and most appropriate for the installation of pipes over a short distance at a shallow depth beneath roadways.

Pipe Bursting

Instead of removing and installing pipe with open excavation, pipe bursting does both at the same time without the massive trench. The bursting head installed on the new pipe breaks up the existing pipe, allowing long lengths to be installed in its place.

Pipe bursting is perfect for replacing corroded pipes or upsizing existing pipes efficiently.

Vacuum Excavation

An excavation method that doesn’t require any manual or invasive digging. A high pressured vacuum is used to safely expose utilities while preventing damages to fragile structures and keeping workers safe. EV also utilizes vacuum trucks to clean clogged pipes, most commonly in sewer and septic systems.

Earth View’s vacuum trucks provide a low-impact and safe alternative to traditional digging by utilizing soft digs to determine utility depths prior to construction.


Fusing provides many advantages over traditional mechanical joints. By joining thermoplastic pipes, such as HDPE, a seamless and long-lasting pipe is created without the possibility of failed mechanical joints. This reliable method reduces future maintenance and repair costs.

Earth View owns and operates 4 fusing machines, including the McElroy T1200, and is certified to fuse up to 48” IPS pipe.


Earth View’s experienced team is able to self-perform wirelining for any directional drill. A crucial part of the oil and gas industry, wirelines collect constant downhole measurements to help drillers make real-time decisions about drilling operations.

This method allows our team to complete drills where traditional walk-over tracking methods are difficult or impossible; such as major intersections, highways, or bodies of water.

Trenchless Construction

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