We never compromise on Safety

Safety is engrained in our culture.

Earth View maintains a real-time safety program as we continue to learn, grow, and adopt new technology.

Ensuring our employees are trained in job-site specific safety procedures is one of our main priorities. Employee involvement is key to our success, and we prioritize on-going safety training programs throughout the year. EV’s management team works alongside field personnel to create specialized safety policies and procedures for our industry. Employees are constantly trained to recognize safety concerns, issues, and/or potential hazards in the field. Our team works together with clients and contractors alike to ensure we all go home safely.

Safety Program

Amidst ever-evolving safety practices, EV ensures that our team is properly trained on best practices and safety regulations to keep our job sites safe. Our training includes:

  • Extensive New Hire Training & Onboarding
  • New Technology Implementation
  • Safety Workshops & Continued Education Opportunities
  • Ongoing Safety Training

Jobsite Inspections

Maintaining job site safety is a priority. It’s critical to ensure that safety procedures are being followed and properly implemented throughout the company. EV strives to give our crews the training and equipment necessary to complete projects safely and efficiently. Our team performs and enforces:

  • Daily & Weekly Job Site Safety Inspections
  • Thoroughly Planned & Executed Safety Plans
  • Ensure Safety Compliance through Clear Communication
  • Empower Personnel to Identify & Mitigate Safety Risks

Best Equipment

Equipment safety is essential for project success. Maintaining our equipment is important to ensure the safety and security of our sites. We continually:

  • Perform Routine Equipment Maintenance
  • Perform Pre & Post Trip Inspections
  • Utilize CAT Personnel Detection to Improve Operator Safety

Continued Education

EV realizes that a safe job site comes from equipping our employees with current certifications and training. Through continued education, our team is constantly enhancing our safety program. Continued education includes, but is not limited to:

  • Field Requested Quarterly Safety Sessions
  • Industry Standard Certifications
  • Routine Company-Wide Safety Meetings
“Earth View performed very well, executing their scope of directional drilling with outstanding work—every drill being pulled ahead of schedule with great results.”
Christopher Reed - Superintendent, Troy Construction
"Earth View did everything they said they would, and more. The job went smoothly and all parties involved were very happy with the outcome."
Vann Thornton - Project Manager, Coast to Coast Utility Construction
"Earth View's crew was professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and easy to work with. Their invoicing did not contain any surprises or unexpected change orders."
Hardy Lee - Eastern Area Manager, WHC Energy Services

Our Safety Team

David Kelley
Safe Site Consulting

Mr. Kelley provides safety consulting and training to EV's employees at all job sites. He completes weekly site safety reviews to ensure crews utilize proper safety equipment and procedures. He ensures our employees are up to date with all safety regulations, by providing monthly classes on a variety of items, such as small tools and ladder safety.

Margarita Negron
Manager of Health and Safety

Margarita has 20+ years of construction industry experience. Mrs. Negron enforces compliance with government regulations, acts, and standards. She sets and reviews health and safety guidelines in order to minimize accidents and injuries.

Isa Carreras
EEO Officer

Isa facilitates all EEO compliance and training for EV personnel and assists with continued safety education for crews by overseeing the weekly toolbox talks.